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Emma's bread

(post, Emma Hirsch)

I have just finished making a New Mexican pueblo bread loaf from Williams-Sonoma. It turned out absolutely disgusting. It looked very rustic and was hard to cut. It tasted like I added way too much butter. It was very dense and heavy. It was fun to make, but hard to eat. 

When I made this bread, I forgot to put in the yeast. But then later I added it (a little bit before I put it in the oven). The bread was sitting in a Ziploc bag for about a week. I had made two loaves so when we thew it away it was quite a waste. 

So I learned a lesson about always reading the recipe before you make something. 

A piece of advice: Make sure you read your recipe from start to finish twice; add the ingredients when they need to be added; and measure well. 

Sometime in my life I would love to make a plain normal white loaf of bread, but of course, “It will be horrible,” (quoting my brother). I am not really satisfied with Williams-Sonoma so I will not be getting it from them (if I ever make it).

[%image reference-image float=right width=400 caption="Not Emma's bread — yet."]Last week, I made a pound cake or bread, with four sticks of butter. This time, I was the one not satisfied, and my family was. I thought I should not have added the orange zest. 

My mom’s friend was going to make savory popovers, and before she made them she asked me if she should add dried herbs or fresh herbs. I told her both. Now I am being asked about cooking savory dishes more than sweet. Strange. 
Thanks for reading this!

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