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How to avoid the flu NATURALLY: Vitamin D

(post, Diana Raleva)

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It’s the Swine Flu issue that nobody is discussing — but important to 58 million at-risk American kids.  “Is vaccination safe or not?” is NOT the question.  Tens of million of kids are at increased risk of catching H1N1 and other nasties due to vitamin deficiency.  Is your child one of them?  Today I'll show you how to successfully avoid the flu -- naturally.

Kids, in particular, cannot fight flu bugs/viruses when deficient in vitamins — and most are NOT getting essentials like Vitamin D.   Even milk drinkers are NOT able to ward off viruses — don’t be fooled.  Read on to find out what you can do to protect your family from the H1N1 virus — naturally and without braking the bank.

"It is essential to understand that in order to know how much vitamin D you should be taking, you should get your blood level checked," says Joseph Mercola, MD.  

Not getting enough Vitamin D is making your child — right now — more vulnerable to Swine Flu.  Period.  No, fortified milk won’t fix that problem.  Last week produced 19 deaths among children -- the biggest single-week jump on record.  58 million American children can immediately, safely address Swine Flu prevention (and better health in general!) yet all the news media can talk about is the safety of an obviously un-safe vaccine.  

Here's the natural, proven, cost-effective solution (you don’t hear about)...

"Unfortunately, very few doctors do the blood test for vitamin D. You can't rely on the media to expose the issue," says Dr. Mercola. 

"If and when they do, it will be too late... But you don't have to wait for the media."

Mercola is a big proponent of sunlight.  Yes, sunlight. 

Most of what you hear about Vitamin D, the sun (yes, the sun) and milk is not true.  Here’s what is: Vitamin D creates over 200 antimicrobial peptides in your body — that’s a fancy word for “natural antibiotics.”   

Think about that for a minute.  Over 200 fighters in your body.  When your vitamin D level falls so does your natural ability to fight colds, influenza and other respiratory infections — including the H1N1 virus.  Simple.  So, gimme some Vitamin D right?!

But many pediatricians are quick to present you with the new (dangerous, barely tested on humans!) Swine Flu shot.

Hey, wait a minute.  What about the alternative, guaranteed safe answer?

Let’s start with the one we’ve always known about.  You know — vitamins.  D in particular.  No, doctors aren’t evil or bad people nor are care givers who follow their advice.  ALWAYS follow your doctor’s advice but realize docs are people too.  Get opinions (in the case of Vitamin D, talk to a dermatologist!), get educated yourself.  

Big ah-HA:

You can rarely get enough Vitamin D from eating or drinking stuff.

Did you know?  We actually produce vitamin D ourselves — mainly through a process starting with sun exposure.  Yes, sunlight.

Here’s what you can do today to prevent Swine Flu infection:

# Expose yourself to the sun for about 30-50 minutes per day on average — revealing as much of the skin as possible.
# Add olive leaf extract into your foods.
# Add fresh, organic food into your child’s meals — creatively emphasize dark green leafy vegetables.

NOTE: Even though Vitamin D can’t be reliably obtained from food, fresh dark green leafy veggies DO strengthen your child’s immune system.  Olive leaf extract is one of the five best anti-viral remedies that occur naturally and it’s easy to access.

NOTE: When in the sun, do not use sun block! Most do more harm than good and block needed UVB rays that are are essential for the body to create Vitamin D.  Stay tuned for more on this subject.

We’re all trying to keep kids healthy.  But many docs are overlooking natural remedies — and I’ll return to this loaded statement later this week.

I wish it was as simple as saying, “go get some Vitamin D”.  Don’t let anyone tell you it’s as easy as a pill or chewable doo-dad.  Mis-information about ABSORPTION of vitamins into our bodies is everywhere.   

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I'm also speaking out at YouTube today -- discussing a "big picture" means to prevent h1n1 flu naturally with vitamins and superfoods.  What do you think?

Diana Raleva is the authority on healthy lifestyles using Superfoods. She's proving that "good for us" foods like goji berries and raw chocolate (cacao) DO taste good, offer remarkable health benefits and the same comforts, pleasures and indulgences of "unhealthy food.”   She’s a popular women's health speaker bringing un-pretentious, cost-effective tips to caregivers who are ready to take action on natural forms of preventative health care._