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Ducks BEAT USC! And we ate some good food today too!

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In the fall, Saturdays are all about football.  First, there is College Game Day.  Then, there is Youth Football.  Finally, there is as much college football as you can take until you collapse in to bed (do you realize how many games are on TV simultaneously?).  Am I a major football fan?  Not necessarily.  What I do love about football season is that it allows me the freedom to cook for hours on end (while pretending to pay attention to every play on TV). 

We usually wake up to College Game Day with a cup of coffee and some "Oregon Chai" Sugar Free Chai Tea Latte.   I have barely focused both of my eyes when the "youth" of our youth football pastime is asking, "what are we having for breakfast?"  (Not so coincidentally, that is the exact same question he asks me before he goes to bed each night).  

This morning's breakfast had to be hardy because today was the last game of the regular "Youth football" season, and we went in to the game 7-0 in our league (in case you care, we came out of the game 8-0 and will be heading to playoffs next week).  Perhaps my breakfast shares some of the credit for that win.  Our pregame meal consisted of scrambled eggs, slices of homemade bacon and Tender Pancakes from Gale Gand's Brunch!.

Post game, we were in desperate need of snacks.  We enjoyed shrimp dumplings (I would call them pot stickers) and steamed Edamame.  

As the Duck game began, I started making dinner.  First, I pulled together a slaw of thinly sliced cabbage, shredded carrots, minced green onions, and Red Shell Miso Dressing topped with finely chopped peanuts.  A delicious combination of sweet, savory, salt, and crunch that was the perfect accompaniment for our entree!  The centerpiece of our meal was a riff on Chiang Mai Curry Noodles with chicken, Indian eggplant and Chinese Long Beans.  The base of this curry is Mae Ploy Red Curry Paste that provides just enough heat to warm you up on a cool Halloween evening, but not too hot to scare off the ghouls, err I mean kids.

I feel confident to say that the Ducks were not the only winners tonight!