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Dam Good Sweet

(book, David Guas & Raquel Pelzel)

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A city rich in food diversity, New Orleans is as much a city of banana cream pie as it is crawfish boil. In Dam Good Sweet, pastry chef David Guas and food writer Raquel Pelzel delve into the rich fabric of the homestyle sweets of New Orleans and its surrounding area. Through 50 amazing desserts, from traditional beignets, red velvet cake, and pralines to the lesser-known Roman chewing candy and calas fried rice cakes, Guas and Pelzel transport cooks from their home kitchens into the giant dessert gumbo that is New Orleans. With instructional and anecdotal headnotes, plenty of great tips, and fun stories, Dam Good Sweet is completely dedicated to the pastries and desserts of a unique American city.
Buttermilk Beignets