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Food government

(article, Culinate staff)

Here in Multnomah County (home of Portland, Oregon — and of Culinate), government is serious about helping people eat better. According to the Oregonian, a new 15-year initiative is underway that will help grow local food sources — and teach citizens what to do with all of those locally grown edibles. (One of the partners in this effort is the homegrown New Seasons supermarket chain, which was profiled on NPR last week.)

Already the county has passed a menu-labeling law and allocated unused land for food-pantry farming. 

But in order to increase the locals' food savvy, there's work to be done — on a lot of fronts.

bq. "We have a crisis and many people consider our food system broken," said Kat West, the county's sustainability manager. "It's a very big, daunting task . . . but somebody has got to lead and we think we are up to the challenge."