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Cinderella pumpkins and Novella Carpenter

(article, Culinate staff)

You may already know about Cooking Up a Story, the Oregon-based website that features farmers, food activists, journalists, and other experts — on film. 

This week, just in time for Halloween, CUPS cooks up advice from a farmer about how to prepare fresh pumpkins for eating. Remember, jack-o-lantern pumpkins don't cut it; choose a Cinderella, sugar pie, or other cooking variety. 

After you watch, head over to Keri Fisher's [/articles/features/thegreatpumpkin "pumpkin piece on Culinate"] to investigate recipes that go beyond pie.


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Meanwhile, over on Chow, as part of its "Obsessives" series, Novella Carpenter, an [/articles/theculinateinterview/novellacarpenter "urban farmer" newpage=true] in Oakland, California, talks about raising goats — and much more — on her city lot.


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Incidentally, if you're inspired to start an urban farm and think you'll start with chickens — "They're virtually no work," says Carpenter in the film's section for aspiring farmers — you might want read Kim Severson's latest piece in the New York Times_ about some of the unique challenges these animals present.