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Meet Harumi Kurihara

(article, Marissa Lippert)

Harumi Kurihara has been described as Japan's Martha Stewart. In her new book, Everyday Harumi, she attempts to demonstrate how easily and effortlessly we Americans can bring Japanese cooking and ingredients — and the concept of healthful balance — into our own kitchens. 


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As a dietitian, I appreciate the fact that her dishes are both enticing and full of fresh ingredients — and are most definitely approachable for everyday cooks.

Recently, I was lucky enough to get some one-on-one Q&A time with Kurihara to discuss Japanese cooking, food traditions, and her healthful, home-style focus.

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What was your primary goal in writing Everyday Harumi?

Since the book was going to be published in the West (England and the States), I designed all of the recipes so that they could be made with ingredients that people living in the West could easily find.

What does Japanese food and cuisine tell us about Japan’s overall culture?

Modesty, kindness, thoughtfulness, the importance of making things by hand. 

What things have most significantly impacted your personal journey around food and cooking?

Because of my cooking, my family loved eating, and our family bond was born. Also, I was able to develop wonderful relationships with people through cooking. 

How do health and balanced eating play a role in your journey, your outlook on food, and your style of cooking?

I believe that through eating a balanced diet with a great variety of foods, one can maintain a healthy body and mind. 

I love your emphasis around seasonal ingredients, simple flavors, and easy methods to make Japanese food more accessible. How can Americans best translate this into their own kitchens?

Think about how seasonality and seasonal flavors can affect and change you in this moment.

What can Americans learn from the Japanese in terms of cooking and healthy eating?

Change the portion amount of each dish. Find ways to cook without using oil. 

The recipes featured in Everyday Harumi look incredible, and I can’t wait to test a few. What are your favorites in the book?  

Salmon and Prawn Fish Cakes, Karaage Chicken, Lightly Pickled Tomatoes, and Quick Pickled Cucumber.

p(bio). Marissa Lippert is a registered dietitian and nutrition consultant in New York City.

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