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Monday Dose of Market: All About Squash and Tips for Guessing the Weight of a Giant Pumpkin

(post, Cristin Couzens)

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Winter squash.  I don’t recall ever having a winter squash at home, or anywhere else until at least college.  And then, maybe only as butternut squash soup at a fancy restaurant.  My image of squash has pretty much been the standard yellow crookneck summer squash.  Though I didn’t call it yellow croockneck summer squash, because to me, it was just squash.  As in, there’s only one kind of squash. 

At the Hillsdale Farmers’ Market this week, there were a few remnants of summer hanging on, but the winter squash varieties have grown exponentially such that I can no longer ignore them and keep pretending it’s summer.  Plus, it was cold enough to make me wish I had gloves.

It was Sun Gold Farm that made finally made me pay attention to winter squash.

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