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Chew your food news

(article, Culinate staff)

Hungry for food news?

For the past few months, five days a week, the Food News Journal has rounded up the day's food-related headlines and listed them in a clean, easy-to-read list. Divided into five sections — Food News, Food for Thought, Best of the Blogs, Wine and Spirits, and The Business of Food — the Food News Journal aggregates 40 to 50 headlines, and their sources, each day.

FNJ co-founders Shelly Peppel and Fran Brennan have both worked in print journalism and book publishing for more than 15 years. Now they work bi-coastally — Peppel from her home in the Bay Area, Brennan from Washington, D.C. Says Peppel:

bq.We both love food and have been reading and writing about it for almost as long as we've been eating it. We wanted a site that gathered together the kind of news articles and blogs we want to read. 
Peppel and Brennan have attracted an audience of people who, in Peppel's words, "enjoy discovering new food sites, reading about food news and trends, and unearthing great books and recipes." As she says,

bq. "We do the digging, so \[our readers\] can visit one site and find links to dozens of great news articles and blogs. It's a food site for everyone who is passionate about food to read every day."

We know we're eating it up.