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Why Am I So Nervous About Entering the Naked Grains Recipe Challenge?

(post, Jean Henrich)

Well, for starters, I haven't made up many recipes. This is only the second time I've tried to set down quantities and steps for a dish I've invented.

Secondly, I'm relying on memory - I created this dish at a family gathering this summer and pretty much made it up then as I went along. I brought the quinoa and fresh basil with me, but the rest of the ingredients evolved from what I picked up at a farmer's market we toured that morning and what my sister-in-law had in her cupboard (a well-stocked pantry, I must say). 

Third, I used double the amount of quinoa and eye-balled the amount of vegetables, so I'm trying to envision the quantities I'd use today if I were making this for my husband and me at home.

Let's see...fourth, I'm an editor by trade. This compels me to labor over every word and check it all multiple times. Heaven forbid there's a typo or something doesn't look right.

Finally? As will be painfully obvious to anyone who glances at my entry, it's a very basic recipe. OK, it's lame. But, heck, what have I got to lose?

And I'm not saying all this to get pity votes. Really, I'm not. There was encouragement to blog about my recipe and lucky for you I found the time.