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(post, Georgia Richardson)

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Growing up, Halloween was the biggest night of the year. I'd practice weeks running a marathon from my house to Old Lady Pinson to make sure I got one of the popcorn balls before she ran out. 

I never made it. Not one year. Have you ever tried running with a pillowcase over your head? Found out years later you can cut out eyes for those things. Who knew?

Thanks to my friend, Chef Chatty as I call her, I can now make my OWN popcorn balls (OR CAKE) and eat all of it/them! EVERY BITE! Do you hear me neighborhood kids? ALL OF THEM! You get nada! They're mine! Mine! Mi---ah, sorry. Ahem.  

Here..ah, is the (munch, munch) recipe for a Popcorn Cake that you can use to make the popcorn balls. If anyone asks why you're making so many, just say it's for the childdddddrennnn. (munch, munch)


Bag of kernel free popcorn (if available)
Large bag of M&Ms
Large bag of marshmallows
Stick & 1/2 of butter
Tsp. vanilla
Tube cake pan (or any kind is okay)
OPTIONAL - nuts (suggest using lightly salted)

Pop the corn and set aside in a deep bowl. Melt the butter and slowly stir in the marshmallows. When completely melted, pour over the popcorn. Add the vanilla and M&Ms, mixing thoroughly and quickly. Place entire mixture into pan and press down firmly (very hard press) and do this quickly as mixture hardens at warp speed. Let sit in fridge for 30 minutes; then cut and serve. 

FOR POPCORN BALLS - Take well-blended mixture, roll into small balls, place on cookie sheet and put into fridge till hardened. Then serve to your trick or treaters...orrrr...on Halloween night turn out the lights and keep them for yourself. Whatttt? Oh sure, like YOU wouldn't do it?