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Chew on this!

(post, Georgia Richardson)

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If you make it, they will come. 

I’m sure this motto is stamped across all of the doorways at the Vidalia Valley plants in Lyons, Georgia. If it isn’t, it should be. 

(For you people who don’t like onions, get thee to a shrink, right away.)

I’ve discovered the crème de la crème for your onion experience. It is RED PEACH SALSA. 

I have one word for it . . . larrupin! Not only that, would you believe 15 calories, 0 fat, and only 4 carbs in 2 tablespoons!

Spread some on crackers, chips, or down the center of your tortilla. Mix it in with black-eyed peas, pour it over shredded cornbread, in casseroles, mac ‘n cheese, or on top of taco salads. 

If you run out of ideas, just take a spoon, sneak into the kitchen while everybody is watching, ‘So You Think You Can Dance,’ and eat it right out of the jar. If caught red-handed, just stare off into space and say, “Whatttt? Where am I?”   

Get it, eat it, and then send me expensive Christmas gifts for turning you on to it. Better yet, just send me a jar of RED PEACH SALSA. I’ll be your new best friend.