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(post, Georgia Richardson)

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If the doc ever said "give up lettuce," somebody just shoot me. 

I eat two salads a day and if I can figure out how to wrap my mind around one for breakfast, I'm adding it. I also love experimenting with dressings. Before I decided to "get fit," I would have a little bit of lettuce with my dressings. 

Now that I've seen the "lite," I am very particular about what I spread over my greens. Here are a few of my favorite thingssssss...(there's a song in here somewhere)

Weighing in on dressings

Wish-bone Light Sweet & Spicy French
  50 calories
  2g fat
  9g carbs
  fiber = 0

Wish-bone Light Honey Dijon
  50 calories
  2g fat
  8g carbs

[ "Kraft Ranch dressing and dip (the one with the avocado on the front)"
  120 calories
  12g fat
  3g carbs
  fiber = 0

There you have it. All of these are servings of 2 tbsp. As you can see, the ranch "weighs" in heavier than most, but what I do is have 1 tbsp. That way, I'm getting the taste that I love without breaking the bank of calories!