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One 9-year-old baker's story

(post, Emma Hirsch)

People often say anyone can cook and bake. That has some truth.

I am nine (almost 10), and I love to bake. Making savory dishes are not my kind of thing. The reason I am so into baking is because it is something to do when you have so much on your mind you just need a break. 

When I bake, I usually don’t eat it. I don’t like nuts, lemon, dried fruit, or oatmeal. I bring things over to neighbors, friends' houses, my brother, or my teachers. 

Every Sunday I get together with my two friends, Samantha and Kellie, and we have a bake sale. We plan it all week; we call each other and decide what to bake and when. We have made cookies, breads, cakes, and pies. It is pretty impressive; we make lots of money. One day we made $28! All three of us live right across the street from each other. We do the sale on the curb right next to my house. Samantha and Kellie are great bakers, and someday maybe we could open a bakery. 

I select recipes that are easy and good, and pre-made mixes. (Those recipes are not from scratch.) A favorite ingredient of mine is egg: no measuring cups, they're easy to crack, and I just love them! I love scrambled eggs with cheese and pesto, fried eggs, eggs sunny-side up, and boiled eggs.

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One of my favorite egg dishes is from How to Cook Everything (Completely Revised 10th Anniversary Edition), by Mark Bittman. It is called Quick and Easy Waffles. The recipe calls for three eggs to make two to four servings. 

I am a fan of this particular cookbook because the recipes are clearly explained and quite easy, depending on the recipe. The baking recipes have variations, and they are clear to see. That is really helpful. Sometimes while looking in other cookbooks, for instance looking for cookie recipes, you tend to find sugar cookies but nowhere are classic chocolate-chip cookies. 

Most recently, I made pumpkin muffins from The Church Supper Cookbook. I didn’t like them, because the texture was just too dry. When I make pumpkin bread, that also happens. I love baked goods with pumpkin, but this just really didn’t work. 

I did make a loaf of banana bread, which I got from the Food Network. I loved it! (I make it without nuts.) If you would like the recipe, click here.

Thank you for reading this!

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