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Chew on this!

(post, Georgia Richardson)

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I used to wonder what all the fuss was about as far as eating fried foods, donuts, chocolate, (for Pete's sake) and other things we love. Then I hit midlife and along with MID-life came the dreaded MID-bulge. I had to do something. So I started reading and researching.

One day I had one of those epit...eptiaaaa...I had a Hallmark moment. You're going to laugh because this is so simple. Here goes; ahem...what you put in your mouth makes you fat. There you have it.

Now send me all of your money and forget calling Jenny or seeing yourself in a string bikini on TV advertising for some unnamed company who will undoubtedly help you lose 20 pounds; then you'll find it again, plus 10 more.

It's what you eat and, importantly, the portion size. If it is bigger than your fist, don't eat it. Take some off until it resembles the size of your fist. My friend says if it taste good, spit it out. I don't agree. 

Commit, do your research and find a healthier way of eating, and enjoying what you eat.