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Jewish Slow Cooker Recipes

(book, Laura Frankel)

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When chef Laura Frankel's family decided to keep kosher, they agreed to give up pork, shellfish, and the combination of milk and meat. But they didn't agree to give up taste. So Frankel focused her culinary talents on creating kosher food that is every bit as refined as its non-kosher counterpart. The restaurant she opened, Shallots, was soon acclaimed nationwide as a premier example of fine kosher cooking. 

While Frankel's passion for ingredients and exciting cooking was successful at work, her meals at home were not nearly as inspired. How could the chef-mother cook great meals at home without the elaborate prep of restaurant meals? The answer was sitting in her kitchen: the slow cooker.

That "Shabbat miracle machine," as Frankel calls it, was already getting a weekly workout as a way to provide a warm, satisfying lunch while observing the Sabbath ban on cooking. Once she realized the slow cooker could produce satisfying, creative meals all week long, Frankel's culinary imagination was off and running. Soon she was delighting her family with sophisticated yet simple new dishes, all using ingredients she found in her local market. 

In Jewish Slow Cooker Recipes, Frankel shares more than 120 easy, enticing recipes for everyday meals and holiday favorites that make amazing use of the humble, ever-reliable slow cooker, including appetizers (hummus, kreplach), soup (pumpkin, chili), entrées (duck confit, stuffed cabbage rolls), side dishes (carrots, kasha), and desserts (poached pears, chocolate bread pudding).

With Frankel's signature blending of flavor, convenience, and world-spanning influences, Jewish Slow Cooker Recipes presents a tantalizing collection of mouthwatering recipes that you can make for any meal, from the most casual family dinner to the most elegant celebration. 
Duck Confit
Senegalese Peanut Soup