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The Elements of Life

(book, Su-Mei Yu)

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The traditional Thai philosophy of diet and health involves eating meals planned around your "home element" — earth, water, wind, or fire — as well as the weather, time of day, and other factors. In this book, award-winning author Su-Mei Yu explains this age-old philosophy and gives you information and recipes to help you prepare meals that will promote better physical, spiritual, and emotional health.

She describes the personal characteristics related to the each of the four home elements, as well as the tastes, flavors, aromas, and natural ingredients best suited to them. She shows you how to identify your home element and eat foods that accommodate it through different times of the year and different times of the day. Beauty treatments geared to your home element will help you to relax, rejuvenate, and feel renewed.
Thai Curry Gaeng Koa
Coconut Cream and Coconut Milk
Black Sticky Rice Pudding with Mangoes or Peaches