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The corkscrew for you

(article, Anu Karwa)

p(blue). Editor's note: Anu Karwa wrote the Culinate wine column, titled Swirl, from July 2009 through December 2010.

"How do I pick a corkscrew that will work for me?"

The one accessory no wine neophyte or seasoned enthusiast can do without is a corkscrew. So many times we attempt to open up a bottle, only to end up with cork dust and remnants in our glasses. Here are a few corkscrews that will work beautifully for you.   

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Corkscrews vary in style, but generally fall into one of six categories: waiter's, winged, lever, high-tech, pronged, and pull style. Below I’ve listed a few favorites. Read through them to figure out which style suits you best and won't leave you with cork bits in your glass.  

Pulltaps: A double-hinged, boot-lever corkscrew, this is a waiter favorite due to its slim shape and ease in stashing in one's pocket. The serrated blade on one side makes foil removal quick and doesn't require another gadget. This corkscrew may take a bit of practice to get used to, but after that, it's a natural go-to that connotes a serious, no-frills wine drinker. (Corkscrew Mart, $5.50.)

Alessi Parrot Corkscrew: The Alessi is a perennial hit due to its clever, modern design as well as its ease of use and solid form. This sturdy, double-hinged waiter's corkscrew lifts corks out easily without any fear of breakage and adds creative flair to any entertaining set. (, $57.)

The Rabbit: This is the quintessential high-end lever-style corkscrew; wine collectors swear by it for its ease of use and slick design. Lever-style corkscrews take little strength to quickly open a bottle and are highly dependable, but cost significantly more than simpler styles and take up precious shelf space. (, $49.95.)

Calphalon Wine Opening Set: This highly giftable corkscrew set includes two wine stoppers, a foil cutter, and a stainless-steel winged corkscrew. The heftiest corkscrew of them all, it requires some muscle but provides a substantial, serious opener. (, $39.95.)

Rechargeable Wine Openers: These ergonomic, one-touch electronic wine openers make opening bottles simple (and fun) while satisfying the techie urge. Just make sure to allow the corkscrew to go all the way into the cork, i.e., until it stops. Brands to look for include Oster, Waring, and Sharper Image.

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