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Quash the Squash!

(post, RSPCA United Kingdom)

I’m writing on behalf of the RSPCA, raising awareness of its urgent campaign to protect the welfare of UK meat chickens.  

Right now, the government is considering new EU legislation that may increase the number of chickens allowed in rearing sheds. Even at current minimum standards, each bird is given less space than a sheet of A4. It’s hard to walk or even flap their wings. But this legislation would allow yet more birds to be squashed in, cutting that space by almost a quarter.

We desperately need you to join us in urging Jim Fitzpatrick, Minister for Animal welfare, to make the right choice for UK chickens and quash the squash, by sending an email via the Quash the Squash website. Mr Fitzpatrick’s decision is imminent and we want 15,000 letters to be sent before he makes his decision.

We also have created a short film called Irritating Chicken to highlight the plight of broiler (meat) chickens’ if EU legislation on living conditions is brought into force in the UK. The purpose of the stunt was to invade people’s personal space to make them feel what is like being squashed into a chicken shed.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,

Beth Granter
On behalf of RSPCA