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The Nation's food

(article, Culinate staff)

Another national magazine that's not a food magazine has put food front and center. The Nation's current issue, entitled '"Food looks at the democratization of food. (Six months ago, [/articles/sift/motherjonesfoodpolitics "Mother Jones"] had a major issue on food; last week, we highlighted [/articles/sift/timemagazinebeesfoodcostsexercise "Time's"] coverage of honey bees, food costs, and the effect of exercise on weight gain; and we noted [/articles/sift/centralvalleyobesechildren Newsweek's] stories on obesity and on California's Central Valley. And we know that's just a few of the many magazines spotlighting food issues over the last year.)

Among The Nation's food fare — and this is just a sampling — are Dan Barber's piece on the importance of cooks utilizing animal cuts that have heretofore been neglected in American kitchens; Ladonna Redmond's suggestion that we change the language of the food movement; and Dave Murphy advocating for '"An

And if you're feeling energized after reading all that, Oregonian master gardener Rebecca Hart offers 10 things you can do to start a community garden.