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Organic Japanese Eggplant. He is a Fan!

(post, Cristin Couzens)

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I’ve thought about making eggplant parmesan or lasagna a time or two.  Bouncing it off my husband, his reply is always the same. 

“Eggplant? I’m not a fan.”

His is a world in which all things can be placed into two categories: 1) He’s a fan. 2) He’s not a fan.

Here’s a few other things he’s not a fan of, just for reference:

The Olympics.

Really just the Summer Olympics. “Have you seen the list of sports that make it in?” he says.  “Canoeing and Badmitton. That’s just terrible!” 

Movies made from John Grisham novels.

He offers no explanation for this one. To him, it’s completely obvious.

Sushi restaurants that don’t serve seaweed salad. 

Once, at the end of an extended wedding weekend and long drive home from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, we stopped at a sushi restaurant. The couple we carpooled with was unaccustomed to witnessing the dark side of my seemingly perpetually upbeat husband.  After seeing no seaweed salad on the menu, he launched a rant our friends still talk about years later. “WHAT? NO SEAWEED SALAD?” is often the first thing they’d say at subsequent dinner outings.

Oh and one more thing.  He’s not a fan of restaurants where waitstaff wear headsets. If it’s a sushi restaurant and there are headsets, this is simply too much for him to take. Forget about stimulating dinner conversation, something primal is awakened. Crouching in his chair, eyes squinting, he shoots glances from one waiter to the next hatching secret plans to “jam their frequencies.”   

While my husband’s experience with sushi restaurants may not by typical, I think his experience with Eggplant is.  Many people think it’s bitter.  Lyle Stanley of Gee Creek Farm assured me that his Organic Japanese Eggplants were sweeter and tastier than the typical Globe Eggplant we see in the grocery store. 

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