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Bitter Melon and Other Updates

(post, Cristin Couzens)

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"JUICE!!!  ONLY JUICE THIS WEEK" said my husband on the way home from the airport after a fun family week in Michigan. His Mom's sticky buns were impossible to resist.  Not to mention an ill-advised cheese steak and bavarian cream and chocolate covered elephant ear at the Hastings Summerfest.  Many years ago, I tried a juice cleanse diet.  Red cabbage and apples make a suprisingly good juice.  You will definitely lose weight, but strange things start to happen to your digestive system after more than a few days.  I'll spare you the details.

Although we were exhausted from a late night and early morning flight, we stopped off at the Hillsdale Farmers' Market to load up on juice-worthy produce.  People must be buying bitter melon, because Ayers Creek Farm keeps bringing them back!  Thought you might like to see what a mature bitter melon looks like. Take heed to the note on the chalkboard!

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