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Will Travel For Food

(post, David Silva)

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Of constant debate among New Yorkers is where to find "the best" New York pizza. I want to say I read this in 'New York Magazine', but my saved clipping leaves no clue ... it is simply a cut-out list of the top 10 pizza joints in the city. Two of these restaurants are shockingly on (gulp) Staten Island. 

Ah, Staten Island. The far-away, head-scratching, mysterious borough of New York City. Tourists love riding the Ferry. Obviously people live there, but what goes ON there? What is up with Staten Island? 

I went with several stops in mind so that I might explore this curious borough. One of these stops, you might guess, was to try one of the two "top pizza places" from my list. To pick which to go to was easy, as there is only one now, sadly due to a fire. However, with list in hand, and grumbles in my tummy, I marched into JOE AND PAT'S to see what this talk is all about.

Now people, normally one would seem completely insane to travel 90 mins. for pizza. If any New Yorkers are reading this, run, do not walk, to that Staten Island Ferry. NOW. Oh. My. Word. My tastebuds have never experienced such bliss. Repeat: Bliss. It was one of those meals where, after every bite, you close your eyes, shake your head, and almost cry because what you are eating is almost too delicious for words.

I have an enormous space in my heart for Vodka sauce. Never seeing this used in pizza-making, I naturally ordered the "Vodka Pie". Picture this: Home-made thin crust (complete with those perfect, toasted specks on the top and underside) SMOTHERED in melted, FRESH mozzarella. (Shut up, right? Shut up!) On top of this treasure (as if it needed anything else) was a heaping spoonful of creamy Vodka sauce.

No words, folks, no words.  

Thank you, JOE AND PAT'S, for making this New Yorker experience pizza enlightenment. The next time someone asks me "What is on Staten Island?", my response will proudly be: "The BEST pizza in the city. (And the ferry ride is fun too!)"