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Supporting local business

(post, David Silva)

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Calling all New Yorkers! If you want an interesting experience for all of your 5 senses, go to 350 Bleeker St. It's special. Not only can you taste your craving d`jour, you get to learn all about chocolate! Touch the beans, see Cocao pods ... it's awesome.  

Pure & Dark is a new shop that specializes only in dark chocolate. I'm not the biggest chocolate fan, but this store has a little something for everyone... and even a couch to lounge on in the back!

I normally would not blog about a specific business, but something about this place really tugged at my heart. In a time where businesses are struggling, especially small business, if you can go support, every little bit helps.

Like I mentioned before, I am not the biggest chocolate fan. However, I never have been able to resist the combination of chocolate with chilies. To use the word "adore" is an understatement. This combo is difficult to come by, even in big, bad Manhattan. So when you find it, it is special. I purchased only 1 oz. of these "nibs" as a snack on my walk back uptown: Dark chocolate rounds with chipotle and cinnamon. Hot, sweet perfection. It even had a hint of the powdery texture that only Mexican chocolate has once one has bitten it. It was pure bliss... I was transported instantly back to Jalisco... 

At $2.50, I hardly broke the bank. It gave me 10 rounds of deliciousness to enjoy ... just enough to satisfy one person's craving. I know that my dishing out $2.50 can hardly save the day, but it is something. It's support. Even in small doses. This tiny gem is worth every penny because it's unique, it's smart, and everyone deserves a treat. Even in a recession. So go out, please, and support your local businesses. They'd love to have you.