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Squash Blossom Hot Pockets

(post, Cristin Couzens)

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You know the commercial for the microwave-friendly food called “Hot Pockets” and the "Hot Pockets" jingle?   Click here if you need a reminder:  Remove the words, “Hot Pockets” and insert the words “Squash Blossoms.” Sing it with the same intonation as the commercial’s slogan.  That’s what’s been playing in my head ever since I saw squash blossoms for the first time at the farmers’ market while visiting Denver a couple of weeks ago.  I have no rational explanation for this.

Each week since, I’ve seen squash blossoms at the markets in Portland. Like a squash-blossom-hot-pockets demon needing to be exorcized, the "Squash Blossoms / Hot Pockets" tune came back every time.  I thought about taking some home and sprinkling them around my kitchen while burning sage and chanting (that’s what the website 'DIY Exorcism' told me to do).

“You can eat these?” my husband said picking up a blossom with a curled lip and raised eyebrow.  

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