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Budget Lunch (and no stove!)

(post, David Silva)

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Ah, the life of a Culinate-er without a working stove ... I've been living on salads for the past week, and this subject of this post is no exception. I can't complain of this because 1.) I'm a vegetarian and 2.) I make salads during the summer months anyway. Most people do. A special shout out to Matthew Card for providing this week's inspiration: He has an interesting lentil salad base that caught my attention. 

"Ah", you say, "how can one make a lentil salad with no stove"? A shout out to GOYA, who provides a semi-decent canned lentils for those home chefs in my "no stove" situation. (Did I mention I also don't own a microwave? Folks, you REALLY haven't seen how small my kitchen is...)

The base of Matthew's salad is composed of lentils and fennel. Unique, really. And delicious. I added some stuff to the mix for bulk as this salad will be my lunch for the next three days:

Chopped Tomatoes (per Matthew's recipe suggestion)

Dried Oregano, Marjoram, and Spanish Hot Paprika
Olives (but not just ANY olives ... I had bought a can of lemon paste-stuffed olives 2 months ago from a gourmet boutique downtown. I was saving them for a special occasion, but having almost nothing in your bank account sounds like just as good of a reason to pop that can!)

Neufchatel Cheese 

I really REALLY wanted to add goat cheese to this, but beggars can't be choosers. In a pinch, when a recipe requires goat cheese, I always substitute cream cheese or Neufchatel. When cold, it breaks off in spoonfuls just like goat cheese. (I call it the "poor man's Goat Cheese.)

So that's about it. Add some lemon and oil and you are good to go. The grocery bill totals right around $12. (That also includes plums for breakfast.) Three tupperware containers filled with lentil salad and two red plums per day. Not bad. I highly suggest a cool bean salad for summer lunch. Protein packed and good all around. Thanks, Matthew for your fennel inspired recipe!!