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Multnomah Village Farmers Market Is Closed

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My apologies. I thought I had cross-posted this announcement.

With great regret, the last market session for Multnomah Village Farmers Market was held on July 9, 2009. Simply put, sales were not high enough for the farmers and food vendors to cover their expenses. We were also unable to attract vegetable farmers, limiting the variety of produce available for customers.

Below is a list of the vendors and other markets they attend:

Draper Girls Farm – Portland-PSU (Saturday), Hillsdale (Sunday)
Graceful Blades – Tigard (Sunday)
Greenville Farms – OHSU, Lloyd (Tuesday), Hillsdale (Sunday)
Herr Family Farm – Jantzen Beach (Monday), Interstate (Wednesday),
Hollywood (Saturday), Hillsdale (Sunday)
Unger Farm – Lloyd (Tuesday), Portland, Beaverton, Forest Grove,
Interstate (Wednesday), Eastbank, McMinnville (Thursday), Beaverton,
Hillsboro, Hollywood, Parkrose, Portland-PSU (Saturday), Hillsdale,
Orenco Station, Tigard (Sunday)
Missionary Chocolates – Interstate (Wednesday)
Wandering Aengus Ciderworks – Beaverton Hollywood, Portland-PSU
(Saturday), Portland-King (Sunday)
Savory et Sweet – Lloyd (Tuesday), Hillsdale (Sunday)
Nature’s Choice – Lloyd (Tuesday), Camas (Wednesday), Vancouver (Saturday)
The Honey Pot – Moreland (Wednesday), Sherwood (Saturday)
Red Dragon Nursery – Beaverton (Saturday)

Once the summer market season is over, we will talk to farmers and
determine whether or not a market in Multnomah Village might work for
them. We will be asking if different days or different times or both
will be more beneficial. Thank you to all the customers who did come
to the market.