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Julie & & Texas

(post, S John Gorss)

Seeing Julie and Julia over the weekend just reminded me of how much I miss NYC and the food world.  The only thing I could relate to as I sat in the theater of Wichita Falls, Texas were the little giggles of women around me as Julie was talking to her mother on the phone who lives just outside Austin.  Until then I was transformed into living back in NYC or France for that matter.  Both, wouldn't be bad...

But nope...still in Texas.  Regardless of the giggles and apparent humor of living in the middle of nowhere, I enjoyed the movie very much.  I took side with Julia when she was forced to move out of Paris, a city in which she loved so much.  She left for Oslo, Norway as Paul, her husband had to relocate because of work.  Although a new place and most definitely not as well versed in the food world as Paris, Julia continued to cook and work on her book.  Seeing that gave me hope in my relocation and showed me to make the best of what I have and that a passion is...well...a passion.  If you love won't go away no matter where you are.  

Thanks Julie & Julia.