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For the Love of All Things Julia

(post, Deborah Shubert)

I was a teenager when the French Chef hit Channel 13 in NY, and along with so many others, I fell in love. For the first time I got to witness the pure joy of cooking that I had heard so much about but had never really seen. My mother and grandmother were great cooks and food was always prepared out of love; but the process of creating the food was work, an expectation that had to be fulfilled daily. 
As a trained artist, I was part of the ongoing discussion about "the process".
One could loose oneself in the process, be humbled by the process, deceived by the process, even seduced by it. Joy? Well, one finds that alone, without discussion, I think. 
Julia was alone in her kitchen, and reminded the viewer of that often. I tell people in my own cooking classes that no one watches you while you cook, so you might as well do it in the ways that make you happy. "You are alone in your kitchen".  That certainly is a metaphor for my life.....even with all the help I get from a great support group; the life, the kitchen, the joy are all mine. When a subject is shared with joy, as Julia did, we can learn. I don't think anyone else prepared us to be as open to passion as well as Julia Child, and for that, I thank and love her.