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Barbecued Pizza

(post, Su T Fitterman)

So here’s the thing. There’s a heat wave. Huge heat wave. It’s really hot out. Boiling hot. Like crack an egg on the pavement at 8 PM and it’ll sizzle. No way are we using the oven. But it’s pizza night. Gotta have pizza. What an opportunity to experiment: I ask the big Twit to barbecue. With the pizza on a cookie sheet. He’s doubtful but obliges (he’s hungry). The results? Sublime. No. Beyond sublime. The crust is crusty; not a hint of sogginess; cooked to perfection. Lots of crunch but with taste. And on top, crisp and melty all at once, a supreme combo of caramelized onions, stir-fried tromboncino squash, fresh mozzarella and dukat dill. Summer explodes in my mouth. Thank-you heat. Thank-you big Twit. Thank-you barbecue. I’m in love with pizza all over again.