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How much diet soda do YOU drink?

(post, S John Gorss)

So something I was thinking about today while enjoying my first Diet Pepsi of the day were the other diet drinking habits of people.  I drink at least one Diet Pepsi/Coke (although I prefer Diet Pepsi!)a day and, along with coffee in the morning and water throughout the day...that's about all the beverages...excluding alcohol of course, that I drink.  

Bad? Healthy?  I dunno... 

Then I thought of my high school politics teacher.  Now this women was mid 40s, very smart, nice, and an overall pleasant to have as a teacher.  Along with being a teacher, she also proctored the SATs.  SATs similar to the ACT are terrible standardized test that high school students are required to take in order to be looked at for college. From what I understand, they are more popular in New England where I had grown up. Regardless, they start around 7am and last nearly 5 hours...oh...and you take them on a Saturday.  Yes, they are awful.  Anyways, when I went in to take the test and just so happens I have my teacher as the test proctor. Nothing was really going to make me happy as I was sitting in a classroom at 630 in the morning about to take a test that would determine where I went to college. No pressure right?!!  It would take something wild to cheer me up.  Well, in pure form, around 645am I look up and see my teacher reach into a cooler looking thing full of ice and pull out a cool, dripping wet can of Diet Coke. She sets it on her desk, cracks it open and takes a big sip.  Boy, was that great and boy, was I jealous.  Best part...she was around 7 months pregnant!

Moral of the story...I love Diet Pepsi and think its a great drink. Do you? If my teacher can pull one out at 645 in the morning and be pregnant...I can have my soda!!

:)  Happy drinking diet soda fans  :)