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My Poor Blighted Tomato

(post, John Dryzga)

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Two aspects of this condo that drove our decision to purchase it were the kitchen and the deck. We have an honest to goodness kitchen, not some area that can probably be used to cook in. The deck offers 80 Edenic square feet. It is so nice to have outdoor space to grill and try my hand at growing some grub.

My plants have been growing like crazy this year. Buckets of rain have been fallen nearly every day this summer spurring on my jungle like window boxes. My cayenne pepper plant is yielding a mad amount of peppers. Surprising given the fact that it's sharing a window box. I had high hopes for my tomato plant. Last year I just planted a cherry tomato plant in a window box and it produced fruit till November! This year I planted a normal size tomato plant in its own container and started fantasizing about all the recipes I will be creating with the fresh sweet products of my labor.

The tomato plant shot up like a weed and soon flowers were starting to form. Slowly the inevitable green fruit started to form. I patiently waited for the tomatoes to ripen on the vine. I finally had one turn a beautiful crimson shade and I plucked it from it perch. My heart sank when I turned
it over and saw that it was 
affected by tomato blight. The cool, wet weather provided the perfect conditions for the tomato blight fungus to thrive throughout the northeast. My poor plant was not out of harm's way. The green
tomatoes still on the plant appear to be blight free so far. Only time will tell.