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New food solutions for Washington?

(article, Culinate staff)

Jane Black, of the Washington Post, spoke with three sustainable-agriculture advocates — Wes Jackson, Fred Kirschenmann, and Wendell Berry — who were in the nation's capital last week to talk with legislators about how our government might take the long view and adopt a 50-year farm bill. 

It's all good reading, but we especially appreciated this quote from Berry, about why the one-agricultural-size-fits-all-solution won't work: 

bq.The inevitable aim of industrial agri-investors is the big universal solution. They want a big product that can be marketed everywhere. And the kind of agriculture we're talking about that leads to food security and land conservation is locally adapted agriculture. And they can't do that. Industrial agriculture plants cornfields in Arizona; locally adapted agriculture says, what can we fit in this place that will not destroy it? Or what can nature help us to do here? That's the critical issue.