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Saturday, July 19, 2009
That is what Ollie meant to say to Stan in the Laurel and Hardy films. Well it was a nice meal. A perfectly cooked porterhouse steak, as much as I prefer veggies I do enjoy a good steak. We made Grilled Herb Shrimp to accompany the steak. I got the recipe from Tomatoes on the Vine blog. The marinade was wonderful. For a vegetable we had Pete's Green Beans! This is the same person who supplied me with all that fantastic broccoli rabe a few months ago. The beans were steamed and served with a little butter and salt and pepper. We kept the prep easy by using Kohinoor Rice Treat - Steamed Basmati Rice as a starch. And we had a bottle of Salento Rosso Notarpanaro 2000.