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Some photos from the first two weeks of the Cape Ann Fresh Catch deliveries

(post, Roz Cummins)

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The first week we got cod. The second week the seas were too rough for the boats to go out, so there were no deliveries - a good reminder that we are always at nature's beck and call, and also that fishing is dangerous work. 

This week we had a choice of yellow tail flounder, whiting, or cod. I wanted to try my hand at filleting the cod again, so I chose cod. I felt like I really had the filleting down, but this time I had more trouble extracting the pin bones. Maybe because it was a bigger fish?

Next time I will be more adventurous and get a different type of fish if there's one on offer, but I'm glad that I now feel really comfortable filleting the cod. I wonder if I should add this to the "skills" section of my resume!