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Sometimes you just have to open that bottle of wine.

(post, John Dryzga)

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How many of us have these bottles of wine stashed away somewhere, just waiting for the right occasion to open it? That fancy California cab aging quietly in the sock drawer, waiting, waiting.... OK, what ARE you waiting for? Sometimes you just have to open that bottle of wine.

Last night I was throwing together what was basically clean out the fridge tacos, just trying to use up the current stocks before vacation. E called over from the living room, 'Hon, let's open a nice bottle of wine tonight." I peek in the wine fridge and there staring me right in the eye is the Domaine Carneros Famous Gate Pinot Noir. Sure, it cost north of $50, but why not.

The wine did deliver the good, plenty of cherry, black berry and spice flavors. Nice plush and smooth mouth feel, a really well crafted wine. It turned a forgettable meal into something worth writing about. A mediocre Tuesday was transformed into a celebration.

My advice to you is to go find where you hid that special wine. Turn some normal weekday night into a mini holiday. Toast to just being able to toast. Celebrate old friends or knock on a neighbor's door and make a new one. Life is too short to wait for some day.