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Quick Fix Meals

(book, Robin Miller)

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Robin Miller is the host of the Food Network series "Quick Fix Meals," which provides viewers with recipes, time-saving tips, and strategies for serving up fresh, healthful meals every day with the least possible effort.

In her book Quick Fix Meals, Miller shares her best time-saving strategies for putting fresh, delicious food on the table every night. Her recipes are organized by these techniques, which include Meal Kits (pre-prepping the ingredients for a weeknight meal on the weekend, bagging them, and having them ready to go in the fridge); Morph It Recipes (enjoy Herb-Crusted Turkey Tenderloin one night and you've got the makings for Chili-Rubbed Turkey Medallions or Pan-Seared Turkey with Apples and Melted Blue Cheese another night); and Greased Lightning, unbelievably tasty recipes that can be put together and on the table in 20 minutes. There are also Simple Sides and In-a-Snap Sweets.

Quick Fix Meals will keep even the most hurried cook — and hungry family — happy.