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What a cheesy class

(post, John Dryzga)

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But cheesy in a luscious, creamy, goat cheesy kind of way. Last night the folks from The Vermont Butter and Cheese Company taught a make your own goat cheese class at The Astor Center. I had visions of being elbow deep in curds and whey, but that was not to be. It seems that the lacto-bacteria used to make goat cheese takes it sweet old time of it, and two hours would not be enough time to create a chevre of one's own. Instead, the cheese maker Adeline Druart gave a quick demo of process using lemon juice. We then got to don latex gloves and relive our Play-Doh filled youth by rolling some fresh chevre into a log.

Some really wonderful dishes were served featuring the products from the Vermont Butter and Cheese Company. First, let me tell you to run out and buy some of their butter, especially if you are a baker. IT IS THAT GOOD. The melted aged goat cheese crouton was also a standout.

One of the owners, Allison Hooper, gave running commentary throughout the evening and regaled us with the history of the company. The company was pretty much started as a whim and is still going strong 25 years later.

So go ahead and seek out the products from this company, or the products of other artisan cheese makers out there. Spoiled milk has never tasted so good.