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Culinate Newsletter June 24 09

(mailing, James Berry)

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 h1. Dear readers,

 Last night I joined a theater full of Portland Slow Food fans for a benefit showing of the new film '"Food It was eye-opening, even for those of us who have grown more aware of — and more concerned about — the problems in our food system over recent years.

 If you have a chance to see this documentary (and here's a list of theaters where it's open, or will open soon) I heartily recommend you do so. There's a lot to take in — from stories about how people are exploited within the food system as it now stands, to hopeful tales of change and possibility. I already want to see it again.

 In fact, many food documentaries have been made over the last couple of years, including some of our favorites: '"Tableland,"' '"Ingredients,"' and '"King (For dozens more, check out the list on the blog Fair Food Fight.)

 Kind of gives new meaning to the phrase "movie food." In fact, after seeing some of these films, you may find yourself never again wanting to settle into your theater seat with a giant corn-syrup-sweetened soda at your side.

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

 P.S. We're giving away two sets of books — the "Food Inc" movie companion cook and [/books/collections/allbooks/Fast+Food+Nation?utmsource=NL20090624&utmmedium=email&utmcontent=Fast%2BFood%20Nation&utmcampaign=FoodInc "Fast Food Nation"]. Just leave a comment [/user/Kim/blog/june242009newsletter?utmsource=NL20090624&utmmedium=email&utmcontent=Fast%2BInc%20Kim&utmcampaign=FoodInc here], by midnight Thursday, June 25, 2009, and you will be automatically be entered to win. 

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story2text: "Hank's step-by-step instructions for rendering fat from poultry skin — and good ideas for cooking with it."

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recipe1text: "Use the last of the season's asparagus in Deborah Madison's flavorful noodle dish."
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recipe2text: "These lemon-scented breakfast muffins can be embellished with whatever berries you have on hand."

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