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Rustic Fruit Desserts

(post, John Dryzga)

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You can learn an amazing amount of things from a cookbook, new techniques, new ingredients, the need for reading glasses. I somehow made it 45 years without the need for vision correction, but when you read 2 tablespoons of baking powder instead of 2 teaspoons of baking powder, tis time.

I was looking forward to making a recipe from this beautiful little book since I won it as a semi-finalist in Culinate's May blogging contest(Thanks alot!). I picked out the raspberry aprioct cobbler and E ran across the street to get the fruit for the recipe. The A & P did not have apricots, so I ended up making a raspberry peach cobbler. One has to be flexible in the kitchen. I put everything together, popped it in the oven and sat down while it baked. Curious as to why so much baking powder was required, I looked at the book again(in better light). "Oh, two teaspoons of baking powder!", I laughed to myself as I got up to spy on the cobbler in the oven. I peered in, half expecting to see some huge cobbler blob filling every nook and cranny. It was kind of fluffy, but not too bad.

The timer chirped the end of the cooking time and I removed it from the oven. I was happy I was not pinned againt the wall by the cobbler ala the "I Love Lucy" episode when Lucy attempted to make home made bread. A subsequent taste taste, ok scarf down test, proved the cobbler to be pretty tasty. Looking forward to tackling more desserts from this book, after the trip to the optometrist!