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(article, Culinate staff)

Earlier this week at the White House, Michelle Obama hosted a harvest picnic for fifth graders at Bancroft Elementary School — the kids who helped plant the White House Garden this spring. 

She made a point not only to feed the students and thank them for their work, but also to talk with them about food deserts (places where good-for-you food items are hard to come by but where fast food may be plentiful), nutrition and food choices, and her goal to reform school lunches in this country. 

In fact, Ms. Obama's high profile, coupled with her dedication to these issues, caused at least one blogger, Eddie Gehman Kohan of Obama Foodorama, to dub her "The New Leader of America's Food Movement."

Here's a video of her remarks:

[%youTubeMovie  R1vUBYr0-LE]

To paint a full picture of the day, Obama Foodorama featured several other posts about the harvest picnic:

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