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Week Two -- Mother Nature, You're Tough!

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Mother Nature did it again. She rained on us just prior to the opening bell, but this week the farmers got a reprieve and the rain didn't return until we were packed up and underway back to our farms.  There were two new vendors this week--Pleasant Valley Preferred with artisan breads and incredible eggs along with Beeman's Baked Goods. Eshs brought freshly-dug new potatoes as well as their wonderful strawberries. Paul Fisher doubled up on his coal-roasted half chickens, but they were still gone in record time. His sisters, Katie & Laura, quenched our thirst with honest-to-goodness mint tea made with (gasp) real mint!  Next week, look for JuJo Acres to be back with their amazing Certified Organic Grass-fed Limosine Beef. You'll find none finer.