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Dagwood Validates Culinate!

(post, Neil Nathanson)

I'm a big fan of the comics!  I read just about all of the Oregonian comics daily and I worry whether I will lose this ritual if/when all the newspapers go out of business.  Great new comics continue to appear.  I'm quite partial to Cul De Sac which is relatively recent.
Some of the old standbys still work, too (even if Pearls Before Swine is always making fun of them).  Blondie showed that it is still vibrant today by speculating that instead of FaceBook, Dagwood's favorite social networking cite is "FoodBook."
Of course, we all know that FoodBook exists in the form of Culinate and is a great site.  For those of you reading this on my FaceBook Blog that have not checked out the real FoodBook - go to and become a member right away!