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$10 a Week (Trial 3)

(post, David Silva)

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In the spirit of summer, I wanted to go the "salad route" for lunches this week. Can all this be done with just $10? Again, yes ... but....I cut it just a notch above. SO not exactly $10, but definitely close enough. Like "Trial 2", I cut it around the $12 mark.

Versatility is the goal. Who wants the same salad EVERY day. I figure if I get some core ingredients, I can make a "base" of vegetables and switch it up by adding different additions to each salad. 

The "Base": Celery (bought an entire sleeve), Green Peppers, Cucumbers. All on sale, all can go in different directions.

What else I bought: Navel Oranges, Olives (in a can, unfortunately, but hey-we're on a budget), Feta Cheese, Parsley, can of GOYA White Beans, head of Cauliflower (it was in the 99¢ sale bin), Fennel bulb. (Some random fruits was also in the 99¢ bin. Good for breakfast!)

Salad 1 - the BIGGEST one...I made this into two lunches: Blanched Cauliflower with Parsely, White Beans, Olives, Capers, and a Mustard Vinegarette. ( For extra bulk, I added some "base": Cucumber, Green Pepper, and Celery) 

Salad 2 - Cucumber Salad with Feta, Olives, Parsley, Oil, and Vinegar

Salad 3 - Navel Orange Salad with Olives and Fennel.

A big, big thank you to my constant inspiration, Deborah Madison. "Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone" is simply a fantastic resource. (I laugh every time I open it because the pages are still so ruffled. Six years ago, my first apartment flooded. When I came home to a soaked apartment, that cookbook was the first thing I reached for to save!)