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My trip to Pasta Cabonara

(post, Rachael Warrington)

My mom came up for the weekend.  My darling hubby was at a local track meet, the kids were home, but enjoying the first evening of summer break.  I wanted to fix something simple but different.  I did not want to eat cereal for dinner, again....
So I found a recipe for Pasta Carbonara.  “Okay,” I said to mom, “let’s give this a try”.

I put the whole wheat pasta on to boil; I mixed three eggs together and placed them in one of my fancy new prep bowls that I forgot I had.  My mom chopped and fried up the bacon.  I chopped up a Vidalia onion to add to the bacon grease after the bacon is finished, garlic follows.  Next I minced some fresh flat leaf parsley, love this stuff smells so fresh and green.  Next I have shaved parm ready.  Kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper, are ready. 

Carefully I drain the hot pasta and return it to the pot.  Quickly stir in the eggs and 1/2 cup of half & half.  Stir, stir, stir till the eggs are cooked and combined with the cream.  Throw in all the remaining stuff.  Stir some more, add a bit of saved pasta water to loosen the mixture up a bit.  It smells so good and it took about 5 minutes to mix it all together.  I plate the pasta and add more fresh chopped parsley and shaved parm.  My mom and I sit at the breakfast nook table to eat.  It is good!  It is really good!  My mom asks me how many times I have made this, and I let her know this is my first time ever.  We go back for seconds and the pot is empty!  My kids snuck in and ate it!!!  
A good recipe, good ingredients and dinner is enjoyed by all!