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Straw Bale Garden

(post, Lalena Dolby)

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Tonight, I took a straw bale gardening class out at Luscher Farm through Oregon Tilth,  and can't wait to try it out. It seems great in many ways, except for the fact that the contraption tends to dry out, so will require more water. Hm. A trade off for all the benefits of intensive gardening? Some participants recommended wrapping the bales in black plastic. I'd rather die than look at that. Others suggested planting strawberries or cucumbers around the edges to hold in moisture. That seems more civilized.

It was a beautiful, warm and breezy night on the farm, with chickens clucking away in the distance, and excited eaters picking up their first CSA shares of the season. The sun began its slow descent as we finished watering in the new straw bale garden and potted up some cucumber seeds in hand rolled newspaper pots to take home.