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Curry Corvina with Tartar Sauce

(recipe, Theresa Singleton)




  1. he fish: 2 corvina filet - salt - pepper - onion - garlic - olive oil - lemon juice or 1 lemon - spring onion. the sauce: 3 tspn mayonaise - white wine garlic vinegar - onion - cornstarch.


  1. place the corvina on a plate and season with salt pepper and the lemon juice in a plate place de curry powder put the corvina on one side then the other. then on a hot pan with olive oil fry lightly the onions when soften add smashed garlic before the first minute add the corvina filet fry for about 2 minutes each side, add the chopped onion spring let cook for 1 minute more and its ready...the sauce: chop the onion finely reserve, mix the mayonaise, the vinegar, cornstarch and add the chopped onions mix and serve over the corvina.
  2. y Listo! un rico pescado inventado una buena tarde! Buen Provecho.