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From Bread to Book

(post, Deborah Madison)

Every time I see the my last post about that homey loaf of bread, I feel so guilty because I don't
think I've made bread since. I'm appalled. I fully intended to, really!
What happened?  
Spring, for one. It finally got warm and suddenly bread, store bought or home made, didn't have quite the same appeal that it did when it was cold outside and in.
Also, my new book, came out and took over my life. 
But I did want to say that since that last post I've become aware of sources of wheat in the US - including Colorado which is pretty much just up the road. When things calm down, I'll take a closer look and get back to you about US wheat, where it's grown and where to find it.

In the meantime, bits of What We Eat When We Eat Alone have been posted on Culinate and a lot of you have let me know exactly what YOU do when no one is watching.  I've  thoroughly enjoyed all of your ideas. Truly, there seems to be no end to this subject and everyone is as eager as ever to share!

As the book makes it way into the world, I continue to learn about it and what it means for people. One who read it and said it completely freed her from the need to follow a recipe or "cook inside the box" as she put it. She says that she has suddenly become a carefree cook of the first order and is thrilled!  (And that's cooking for her husband, too, not just when she's alone.) That makes me happy, too!