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My Kichen Aid Work Horse

(post, Rachael Warrington)

About 15 years ago I bought my first and only free standing KitchenAid Mixer.  It has been my best friend ever sense.  Our family had just moved from Arizona back to Kansas, after being gone for two years.  We had three small children and my husband was going back to teaching.  Money was very very tight.  In other words, we had none!  We were strapped while living in Arizona and things were not going to be any better here in Kansas.  So I was continuing my cooking from scratch for everything.  But I needed help!!!!!

I saw this mixer at our local Outlet Mall.  With money from my birthday and Christmas, my husband, three kids and I went there and bought it.  A white, 6 qt. bowl KitchenAid Mixer for $221.00.  I was so proud!  I went home and made bread, and gallons of cookie dough.  Over the next several years I used my mixer ruthlessly.  It mixed, whipped, stirred, whirled and beat everything I could throw at it.  I would make 8-10 double batches of bread, one right after the other.  I would make dozens of cookies, three layer cakes and even meat loaf.  It would travel with me to catering dates, buckled up in its own seat belt.  I washed it, dried it and loved it.  

When I entered the work force full time, I didn't make bread or goodies nearly as often. The mixer was placed in the back pantry and there it lived a quiet life for a couple of years.  I dusted it, and might pull it out to make a double batch of chocolate chip cookies, but back to the pantry it would go.  

After nine years of working outside the home, I have gotten a much better handle on juggling work, being a mom, and wife.  LOL!!!  Yeah, what ever….I have learned that no matter what I will never have it together.  So enter my KitchenAid mixer again.  I still don’t use it as much as I did when I was at home full time; but use it I do.  

My KitchenAid mixer is one of those items I would not be without.  It has saved me so much work and helped to produce wonderful meals.  The biggest thrill for me is watching my 15 year old daughter creating yummy things from the mixer.  She loves baking and that white KitchenAid now lives on the counter. It excites me that I am passing on a love of cooking to the next generation; passing on a tradition if you will.   I already know what I am getting her for her wedding gift, way in the future of course!