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Wilting Kale and a bottle of Loco Imperial Red

(post, Julie Kadingo)

I had to cut back a half of kale plant to make room for a tomato plant that can use all the sun's help this cold May in Seattle. With all that kale to eat, kale pesto over noodles sounds really good for dinner. At the same time, however, I cut back the kale, I lopped off the biggest Swiss chard leaf I've grown so far. When I came home tonight it was weeping. So either I must have Swiss chard on the side of my kale pesto pasta, or I must find something interesting to do with chard... thank goodness for the internet, a green cook's best friend. 

Oh, and it's Seattle Beer Week. I went to an Iron Horse Brewery Testing. It came out that Loco Imperial Red is under-appreciated. So I have a bottle to drink while I surf for an answer to dinner.